Ground support system

Features of Japan Home Shield

We propose ground countermeasure by proven analytical power.
The ground survey is a survey that prevents a settlement where the house itself tilts from occurring. When the house is inclined, not only the cracks on the outer wall and the obstruction of door opening and closing, but also health is not good. In order to guarantee the quality of the ground, the Japan Home Shield affiliated will investigate and analyze the customer's land, propose appropriate construction, and check the quality of construction. According to that, Japan Home Shield will do the ground guarantee for 20 years.

More accurate new investigation method

  1. STEP1 Research

    SDS test to obtain reliable soil quality data

    The SDS test is a new test method to more accurately judge the soil type of the ground and to support accurate soil assessment. By combining the general SWS test with the SDS test, it is now possible to evaluate the soil more precisely, considering soil quality.

  2. High precision soil quality judgment comparable to boring survey
    • Loam

    • Sandy soil

    • Cohesive soil

    • Humus

Third party analysis of trust

  1. STEP.2 Analysis

    In addition to survey data, we analyze with various factors.

    We will analyze thoroughly by making full use of know-how based on the analysis results of more than 1.3 million cases in the past from topography and land conditions. We will collect and judge the accurate ground information of the planned construction site that we can not see through survey data alone in a system developed independently and devise measures for ground that will not settle.

    • Surface strata view
    • Terrain classification diagram
    • Digital Map
    • Land prior history
    • Land conditions
    • Land reclamation situation
    • Aerial photograph

Propose optimal plan based on results

  1. STEP.3 Report

    Based on the analysis results, we report the details.
    We propose a suitable plan for that land.

    Based on the analysis results, we propose basic specifications suitable for the land. We will report the findings in the survey report attached with detailed data and field photos.

Proposal and implementation of basic specifications and reinforcement works according to land conditions

STEP.4 Measures

As a result of the analysis, if we decide to be soft ground, we will propose and implement the basic specifications according to the land condition and ground reinforcement work.
  • Direct basis

    In case of good ground, we propose the basis of the plan according to the supporting force of the ground.

  • Surface ground improvement method

    If the surface layer is soft ground, we propose a construction method to solidify the ground by mixing hardening materials in the soil of the front part and rolling it down.

  • Columnar improvement method

    When soft ground is present in the middle, we propose a construction method to construct soil improvement pile by agitating soil, consolidation material and water in columnar form.

  • Steel pipe construction method

    When the support layer exists deeply, we propose a construction method to support the building by installing steel pipe, RC pile and so on up to the support layer.

Fully prepared for emergency

  1. STEP.5 Quality assurance

    Quality assurance of the ground that provides the security that the Japan home shield of the LIXIL group does not settle based on advanced research and analysis capabilities.

The ground support system promises the quality of the ground that will not subsidence.
  • Amount compensation without deductible amount.
  • Also accommodate accidents under construction.
  • Staff responds with responsibility.
It corresponds also to the accident under construction.
The quality guarantee period is 20 years from the construction period + delivery date.

*The start date of the quality assurance period is the day that the Japan Home Shield satisfies both conditions of confirming compliance with ground quality and basic construction date.

In case of emergency, we responded to accidents that prioritized the customer's consent.