Ground Long Life Compensation®

Characteristics of the Jiban net

We are issuing quality certificates to prove the ground analysis technology and the high quality of work quality.
At the time of a disaster, tremendously and psychologically burdens are imposed on the owner, Construction store, construction company.
In addition to initial research on improvement of ground survey and ground analysis technology, initial insurance for up to 20 years counted from delivery date, as well as periodic inspection every 20 years by the inspector will be carried out.

Ground Long Life Compensation.

Long-term compensation and professional improvement inspection program will realize a residential ground where lifetime can be relieved

Extended warranty system that can cover lifelong risks

An incidental period starting from the judgment date and an initial compensation of up to 20 years counted from the delivery date.
After that, through periodic inspection / renewal every 20 years, you can continue to maintain compensation over the lifetime.

Permanently confirm professional's latest ground risk.

Periodic inspection every 20 years is done by an inspector who is qualified as an architect.
After checking, reports reviewed from the latest topography, history and neighborhood data will be provided.
By regularly reviewing the ground risk that changes with the passage of the years, it is possible to take the most appropriate measures.

Ground quality certification

It is a safe ground quality proof by underwriting by a nonlife insurance company.
A certificate can be issued from a major property insurance company for each property.
※Prior application is required to issue certificates.

Reliable insurance arrangements · Accident response

We periodically evaluate and analyze the various risks faced in our business activities and strive to minimize these risks.