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After-sales service/guarantee

Iemamori Holdings quality inspection

Conducts site inspection at the highest level in Japan.

The standard of inspection conducted by Iemamori Holdings ensures strict compliance at the highest level in Japan, and the quality of homes built by Homeland is strictly controlled by this stringent inspection. As a feature of Iemamori Holdings, it is an independent inspection body that does not undertake building construction. Because it operates with 100% self-owned capital without making any capital ties with companies on the construction side, such as homebuilders and building material manufacturers, it can conduct inspections in a fair and impartial manner as a third party. It conducts high-quality housing inspections free from undeserved and biased assessment.

Iemamori Holdings quality inspection (inspection course)

High-class inspection

This is an inspection course at the highest level in Japan with 10 inspections and over 190 inspection items.

Contents of inspection by Iemamori Holdings (report)

We will offer easy-to-view reports using photographs.

We will provide a Housing Inspection Report in consideration of the life of the housing so that you can pass it to the next owner free from any anxiety.

You can view the inspection result anytime on the website.
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